The College Board’s College Level Examination Program (CLEP) provides Southeast Technical College students with an opportunity to “test-out” of specific college-level courses. Students that receive a passing score on a CLEP test will earn college credit - without having to enroll in the class, saving both money and time! 


  • No grade is granted when an exam is passed. 
  • Credits granted by CLEP are not used in determining grade point average.
  • Credits granted by CLEP cannot be used in full-time/part-time financial aid calculations. 
  • Students wishing to obtain credit through CLEP exams should visit the College Board CLEP网站.

CLEP Is Available For The Following Classes:

CLEP Exam Name Equivalent Course at STC 分数 学分
Introductory Psychology 101年心理学 50 3
Introductory Sociology SOC 150  50 3
Principles of Macroeconomics  经济202 50 3
Principles of Microeconomics  经济201  50 3
College Composition 英格兰101年  50 3
College Algebra 数学114  50 3
微积分 Highest math class required for program  50 3-5
微积分  数学116  50 5
生物学  生物101/101L  50 4
化学  化学106/106L  50 4
Introductory Business Law 汽车140年 50 3
Principles of Marketing  MKT 120 50 3
Spanish Language Level I 跨越103年 50 3

When Should a Student Take a CLEP Test?

Generally speaking, the sooner a student can take a CLEP test, the better. 理想情况下, this would be at least one month prior to starting classes or registration, but Southeast Technical College will accept CLEP scores until a student's graduation date. 

What Does it 成本?

Each CLEP exam costs $93. If you are an STC student taking the test at the on-campus Testing Center, there is no fee for proctoring. 

How to Schedule a Test

  1. 支付测试费用

    Pay for the test online at

  2. Call the testing center

    Call the STC Testing Center at 605-367-6014 安排.